January 10, 2014

I MOVED TO www.42alos40.com

Finally... I moved my two sites (spanish and english) into my own website: www.42alos40.com
Or simply... www.42alos40.com/english

See you all there!!!

December 31, 2013

A wonderful year is coming to and end

2013 has been a wonderful year full of accomplishments. 

1. Paris
Not only travelled to a beautiful city that we -the Pro and me- wanted to visit for a long time, but also ran our 1st marathon!

2. Blog.
I started this blog (actually 42alos40 the spanish-writen one) and I discovered a lot of very cool people though it :) 

2. 21k BsAs
I ran my 1st 21k in BsAs and not only finished it in the time I had planned but I also had a lot of fun!

3. Ing NYC Marathon
Accomplished my big goal for this year which was running the Ing NYC Marathon!!! Struggled in the middle of it and finished strong! The PRO also, struggled AND finished! 

4. Upcoming Half IM
The PRO resumed his swimming and we are both planning on doing a half IM...!!! And Coach O. will have to work A LOT on my swimming ;) 

5. And last but not least, since I'm having so much fun writing this blog, I'm already redesigning it -all by myself- and can't wait to publish and share it with all of you who are reading :)

I wish you aaaaall a very happy new 2014, full of new goals and accomplishments!!!


December 27, 2013

Overcoming Fears

I admit it. I'm such a coward...
A couple of days ago, the PRO 'invited' me to go and test our new tri bikes on a bike track. And of course, half of the 30-minute car ride I was kind of worried thinking about the aero position...
The PRO knew it was a real challenge for me and kept asking me: "what's up with that face? Are you worried?"
Nooo, why would I?...

OK. I haven't been riding any bike lately. My MTB yes, a little. But the road one...not once in...two years?
It is a pretty different feeling riding on top of two VERY THIN wheels. And I haven't rode in an aero position ever.

We only rode about 12k -it was too damned hot!-, did 11 loops and I only managed to stay in the damned aero position for...a few seconds in the last loop... :( 
{The PRO was melting on his P5 but he tried his best to encourage me, which had no good results since I kept cursing myself for being such an idiot, and himself, just because I'm a difficult person to put up with...on those situations} 
I'm so sorry, thanks PRO for just trying to help me even though I didn't feel I wanted to. You did help me anyway... I probably wouldn't have tried if I had been by myself.

Honestly, ever though I was kind of worried before, never thought I would feel so uncomfortable. 

Anyway, as I was telling you above, I know the feeling. A few years ago, during our MTB training I had that feeling.
We were riding our bike in a group and were supposed to go down on a steep terrain. Everyone in the group -the PRO included of course- would go down and up and down again; it looked so easy...but not to me; I felt I was about to jump off the top of the Empire State... I wanted to go but my brain didn't agree. So I kept arguing with it and I froze up there, couldn't do it.
I felt so frustrated! And I was mad at myself.

So, next time we went to than same spot, I thought 'I have to do it' because I reallyI wanted to. And I stood there for ever a while and then I just did it; I let go and my brain just gave in. (It was such an easy thing...But it looked horrible from above!)

On the other hand today my youngest child -who just turned 7- learned how to swim. She has been terrified to being in the pool and wasn't interested at all in learning how to swim. A couple of months ago she agreed to taking some group lessons -since some friends of her were too- and even though she didn't learn to swim yet she did loose her fears to water.

So, since we're on summer vacations now it was the perfect time to do some games in the pool at home! Guess what? In three days she did it: she is swimming now. She overcame her fears and since she's confident, she makes improvements every day. And I'M LEARNING FROM HER. 

I really want to feel comfortable on my new tri bike. And because of that, I know I will, eventually. The final goal is what keeps me motivated. For some of us, it just takes some more time. :)